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Accordion Shutters are typically installed beside windows and doors, balconies, and large patio openings. they are convenient, and easily closed within minutes. These durable, easy to use storm shutters slide on rollers horizontally are mostly used on sliding glass doors or glass windows to cover a window or series of windows. These shutters are extremely effective at protecting your property from hurricane force winds, flying debris, and other devastating natural elements. This is one of the few options for curved windows or other odd shaped building protrusions.  The curved and removable tracks are available to  fit your space  and not take up valuable floor space


Features & Benefits:


  • Increases value of your property with hurricane protection accordions

  • Minimal Maintenance- aluminum construction needs only occasional washing as needed and regularly scheduled lubrication of plastic rollers and locking mechanism with a silicon based product.

  • Code approved for most areas

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