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Add a touch of elegance to your building


Our solid steel roll up door can be operated by using a chain hoist ,Manually or motorized. The Locking devices can be provided depending on the type of commercial roll up door.


Doors are counterbalance using torsion or band spring assembly which are designed for optimum ease of operation. The springs are grease packed and mounted on steel shaft.

HOOD: Hexagonal
Made from #26-gauge galvanized steel as standard and formed to fit the contour of the end brackets. 

Option 1: Slide bolt locks on the bottom bar. 
Option 2: Shackless Padlocks
Option 3: Motor acts as lock.


​3.0” curved slats available in 22gauge minimum with options for 20 gauge. 

Curtain: Constructed of Interlocking, roll-formed 3.0” curved galvanized  slats
Material Options: Galvanized steel
Finish Options: White Powder Coating or Grey. 
Galvanized End locks
BOTTOM BAR: Two galvanized roll-formed steel or structural steel angles which are designed to reinforce the bottom of the curtain. 
BRACKETS: Carbon Steel plate not less than 1/4” thick with ball bearings at rotating support point on drive side bracket. 
GUIDES: Structural steel angles with a minimum thickness of 3/16”. 

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